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Cab Franc fans will enjoy the best of the best

By June 2, 2015February 21st, 2017Raats

Not only will Cabernet Franc fans be spoilt for choice in the wine stakes when attending the first-ever Cabernet Franc Carnival at Avontuur Estate on 20 June, the rest of the entertainment will not lag behind.


As this varietal is a food wine par excellence, the Avontuur Restaurant is offering their special Oxtail (R130) and 300g matured Prime Rib (R150), both paired with a glass of the Estate’s award-winning Cabernet Franc. Reservations for breakfast and lunch are essential at or +27.218554296.


If your taste leans more towards the casual, Ishushu Pizzas is on hand with their food truck and a selection of gourmet pizzas and to end off Wicked Waffle will make sure those with a sweet tooth don’t miss out.


Live music will be provided by Palm Strings, whose violin and guitar genre is great as background to this exclusive tasting event.

The following wines will be available for tasting:

Winery Vintage Wine
Avontuur Estate 2010 Avontuur Estate Cabernet Franc
Camberley Wines 2010 Camberley Cabernet Franc
Cape Chamonix Wine Farm 2012 Chamonix Cabernet Franc
CK Wines 2013 CK Sincera
Doolhof Wine Estate 2012 Single Vineyard Cabernet Franc
Druk My Niet Wine Estate 2010 Druk My Niet Cabernet Franc
Hermanuspietersfontein Wynkelder 2011 Swartskaap
Lynx Wines 2013 Lynx Cabernet Franc
Mont du Toit Kelder 2012 Les Coteaux Cabernet Franc
Nelson Family Vineyards 2008



Lisha Nelson Signature Cab Franc

Lisha Nelson Signatrure Cab Franc

Lisha Nelson Signature Dad’s Blend

Ormonde Private Cellar 2010 Ondine Cabernet Franc
Raats Family Wines 2014



Dolomite Cabernet Franc

Red Jasper

Family Cabernet Franc

Ridgeback 2013 Ridgeback Cabernet Franc