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MR de Compostella

MR de Compostella 2021 in a Limited Special Collectors Box

Most Recent Accolades:
2021 – 99 Points by Greg Sherwood MW
2021 – 96 Points by Tim Atkin MW
2020 – 97 Points by Neal Martin MW

Discover the epitome of excellence with MR de Compostella 2021, a masterpiece meticulously crafted by Raats Family Wines. Born amidst the picturesque vineyards of Stellenbosch, this wine embodies the essence of South Africa's winemaking heritage.

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Wine Information

Aging potential: Embrace the journey of refinement as this wine matures gracefully over the next 15 years, evolving into a true masterpiece with each passing year.

Blend information: Crafted with precision, MR de Compostella 2021 combines 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 26% Cabernet Franc, 20% Merlot, 17% Malbec, and 2% Petit Verdot to create a symphony of flavors.

Food suggestions: Elevate your dining experience with well-aged sirloin, rib-eye or filet mignon, perfectly paired with hard cheeses, enhancing the nuances of this exceptional wine.

In The Cellar

The aim with this wine was to take each of the five components and make a varietal wine in it’s own right.

The wines were then tasted blind after one year in barrel. The wines that scored less than 90 points were not considered for the final blend.

The percentage components of the blend were determined by the scores achieved in the blind tasting. The resultant cuvee is called De Compostella (‘The Compilation of Stars’).


Deep, dark and intense ruby colour. Blackcurrant and black cherry fruit with hints of violets, cedar and cinnamon.

Rich and complex with mineral, blackberry fruit and dark chocolate on the finish. Harmoniously composed of the five Bordeaux varieties to ensure none dominate.

This wine shows a consistent, linear flavour profile with a polished and well-defined finish.

Tasting Notes

Indulge in the deep, dark, and intense ruby hue of MR de Compostella 2021. Savour the opulent aromas of blackcurrant and black cherry fruit, complemented by hints of violets, cedar, and cinnamon.

Handling Of Wine

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Ageing Potential

Will drink even better in time and can mature for more than 15 years if cellared correctly.

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Blend Information

26% Cabernet Franc; 35% Cabernet Sauvignon; 17% Malbec; 20% Merlot; 2% PetitVerdot.

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Food Suggestions

Well-aged sirloin / Rib-eye or Filet mignon / Hard cheeses.

MR de Compostella

Two visionary winemakers & lifelong friends, Mzokhona Mvemve & Bruwer Raats, had a meeting of minds to combine their artistry to create a singular wine that transcends time. MR de Compostella was born inspired by a constellation of stars merging together to create something spectacular.

A wine driven neither by style nor variety but by its leading component, quality, they take the very best of each variety in each vintage to create an ultra-premium wine of distinction.


Raats Family Wines was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of Polkadraai Hills as an official ward within Stellenbosch in 2007.  With its unique decomposed dolomite granite soils, proximity to the ocean and south facing slopes it allows for great depth of quality terroir, making itself known as producing some of the most exciting wines in the country. 

“What I was after was purity, freshness and lower alcohol levels.  This is precisely what the decomposed dolomite soils of Polkadraai Hills provides. Refined elegance and sophistication.  Classical winemaking at its best.” Bruwer Raats

Family Owned

Family-owned winery, crafting quality wines, nurtured from vineyard to cellar.


Rising gracefully from the vineyards in Polkadraai Hills Stellenbosch, Raats Family Wines stand in celebration of the unique dolomite granite soil of this tiny ward.

Founded in 2000 by visionary winemaker Bruwer Raats, in partnership with his cousin Gavin Bruwer Slabbert, Raats Family Wines specialize in Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc and has been crafting soil-driven wines of exceptional quality ever since.

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